30km Done and Dusted!

It has taken me 6 months to reach this!

I’m now over 40 km. I really wanted to solidify my stamina on this before fully allowing myself to believe I can do it. I mean, it IS 100km….of the dreaded Burpee! wooo scary.
In saying that, I now feel fully confident in my ability to honor the charity I have chosen (Kyani Caring Hands), and importantly, those that have donated based on the sharing of my mission here. Other than an Act of God, or a serious injury (which arguably may be an AOG), I will reach my goal in approx 5 months time at 1km each session, twice a week.

Why it took 6 months to reach 30km? Well, I started counting my distances when I was making 600m consistently, after which were many graduations up to my “norm” now of 1000m per session. So it took time to build the resilience and mindset. Kilometers gonna fly by now! ha! Oh how I wish.

It’s a great time to put in a big THANK YOU to my loving partner in life and our Son, for putting up with the grumpy tiredness, soreness, and the funny endorphin-riddled brain at the end of each session. Love you guys!

100,000 meals donated is achievable however I need all of your help to do it, so please share and donate and lets make some positive impact in a few thousand lives.
Bless you and burpee on!
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2 thoughts on “30km Done and Dusted!”

  1. So proud of you Jeff for your passion and how you are impacting lives! Absolutely thrilled to be a part of this mission with you. xx

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