To raise many thousands of nutritious meals for the less fortunate, especially children entrapped by poverty, and also to inspire others to challenge themselves and thus find their own burpee champion within.

My Story

My name is Jeff Robson. I'm 50+ years old I've never felt better or been fitter. This is absolutely by good management rather than genes or good luck. Having a keen interest in natural health over many years has been a great investment and one I now share through health coaching.  I have always loved pushing limits, and with physical exercise especially.
In 2017 I did my first 1km of burpees on the beach. It was so hard physically, and it took me somewhere else mentally, that it intrigued me enough to question how many I could do. Thus 100km was born, and as I already had a favourite charity "Kyani Caring Hands", it was just a matter of putting the 2 together.
I am very grateful to be able to do this and thank you in advance for your support. Together we can change many lives for the better.

Yes, I want to help those less fortunate.