Almost 50km!!

Hard yards today man!! AND only half my usual km. Coming off a nasty viral lung infection that I beat in 2-3 days (without seeing a Dr or doing pharmaceuticals). However there is still a cleanup to do and lungs to renew. Hey, imagine trying to live in unsanitary filthy conditions and trying to ward of disease and illness with a just fraction of the body's nutritional needs available...everyday. This is the life of many millions, especially kids, and why this burpee challenge exists.
Two days from now, Sunday July 8, will come the 50km mark. Halfway!! WOOHOO!! Looking forward to reaching that and beginning the downhill leg. Come and join us on Suttons Beach and experience the burpee magic exclusively by participation only. They're easy hehe.
Be a part of this journey and please make a contribution to helping us raise 100,000 meals for hungry kids.

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