Burpees are a beautiful thing! They provide the same opportunity to everyone, and that is, improvement!
Done correctly, burpees will strenghthen your core and work most muscle groups. Physically, your strength, physique, balance, coordination, stamina etc will improve. Mentally, burpees will teach you things about yourself that you may not yet know.
It’s an all-rounder that I hope you give a good go.

When I first started doing these, my posture and form were lacking and so I suffered even more pain in my lower back and right hip. Having injuries and cartilage deterioration from over the years did not help. As crazy as it seems, after finding the form that works for me, and in conjunction with superior nutrition and also some exercises called the “Egoscue pain-free method” I have managed to do consistent 1km sessions without pain repercussions. Happy days!

Not all Burpees are equal!

Here is a short video to show exactly how to execute a Broad-Jump Burpee.