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45 Servings

Making a massive difference to so many! This pack could literally provide a nutritious morning meal to a neighbourhood or a whole school. Impacting lives and giving hope to so many needy children.

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$ 275.00 - Donate now

15 Servings

This pack could feed a family for a week! Providing these nutritious meals to a family will allow what little funds they have to now to go towards other essentials like clothing and shelter.

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$97.00 - Donate now

5 Servings

Every bit counts, imagine the relief of the parents when they receive enough to feed their hungry children. Especially when they have no means to provide meals for their loved ones.

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$33.00 - Donate now

What exactly is a Potato Pak?

The Kyani Potato Pak, packaged in a convenient pouch, provides life-sustaining nutrition to individuals who lack the ability to feed themselves or their family. This nutritious pouch is one of the keys of the Caring Hands foundation. Each serving, carefully designed by the Scientific Advisory Board, boasts over 10 grams of high-quality protein and essential vitamins and minerals. The Potato Pack is donated directly to individuals that are struggling to meet their basic nutritional needs and can make a significant impact on the quality of their life.

The mission...

The Caring Hands Program is to bring hope and relief to people who lack the opportunity to help themselves. Caring Hands offers assistance and nutritional support to struggling families in underdeveloped regions and contributes to disaster relief efforts around the globe.


For people...

That are entrapped in poverty, their entire goal each day is just keeping themselves and their family alive. There is zero time to think about a career, education, or improving their current situation. They are strictly in survival mode and devoid of hope. Fortunately, Kyani’s Caring Hands foundation is determined to change that through its culture of service and giving.